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WD40 multipropósito 500ml

El original WD-40 multipropósito es el producto esencial para resolver cualquier problema de cuidado y mantenimiento de su bicicleta. Protege [ver más]

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El original Wd-40 multipropósito es el producto esencial para resolver cualquier problema de cuidado y mantenimiento de su bicicleta. Protege contra la corrosión causada por los agentes atmosféricos y la contaminación facilita el desmantelamiento de piezas y sus movimientos eliminan los residuos 500ml

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Codigo Producto WD39134/6U-39034
ID 11433


What can`t it do?Valorado por
With over 2000 know uses WD-40 does it all. Loosen and remove rust from that old seized bolt and prevent it from coming back. Help seat that stubborn bolt on your new shiny farkle. Remove all that sticky residue left behind by that unsightly warning label on your brand new tank. No garage is complete without this stuff. (Escrito el 31/05/2017)
Great for many usesValorado por
WD40 is great for many uses. While I don't use it as a chain lube, I know some people who swear by it. I have used it to clean chains after riding in the rain, and there are about a million other uses for it too. Always good to have around, and this one with the built-in foldable straw is definitely convenient. (Escrito el 06/07/2017)
Great for many thingsValorado por
This is a great product for multipurpose use. Not just for your bike but many things around the garage and house. This comes in an easy to use spray can with an optional spray straw for tight to get areas. (Escrito el 08/01/2018)
Who doesn't have a can od WD-40 in the workshopValorado por
In case there is some people who dont already know about WD-40 I had to review write a review., have used it in my workshop literally for years. Rusty bolts, water repellant, if it doesn't move but it should, spray it with WD-40 (Escrito el 04/05/2019)
Most Versatile Product Out ThereValorado por
This product is timeless for a reason. I've used this anywhere from cleaning and lubing chains, to buffing out surface rust, and even polishing my bike. Not only good for a motorcycle, it's also great for around the house. I'd never go without a bottle in my arsenal. (Escrito el 13/06/2019)
Wd40 Multiuso 500ml è un ottimo prodotto ed anche il sito è OK per i migliori acquisti per la moto. Ho comprato questo super pulitore per il mio BMW GS, funziona ed il prezzo è decisamente favorevole (Escrito el 07/08/2019)
indispensableValorado por
pour dégraisser ma chaine et le nettoyer, pour nettoyer mes jantes, le gras sur le plastique du passage de roue, graisser des gonds de porte, etc utilisation facile, dure longtemps, un indispensable à avoir dans son garage ou dans la maison (Escrito el 17/11/2019)
Awesome ProductValorado por
I have been using this product for 35 years on various projects. I use it to clean my chain on my motorcycles. It displaces water after washing bikes. I use the product before lubing chain and after washing bike. Could be used to lube chain in a pinch. I prefer to use a regular chain lube product. (Escrito el 06/06/2020)
Always keep it on handValorado por
What can I saw, WD-40 can be used for just about anything. I keep one in the house and one in the garage. Stops squeaks, breaks rusty bolts free, and keeps machined surfaces rust free if you're storing them. I like! (Escrito el 31/07/2020)
Must haveValorado por
WD40 is an essential part of my toolkit. It's useful for so many things. Cleaning, removing rust, lubrication, rust protection, and much more. Basically a very versatile product, that receives my full recommendation. (Escrito el 20/02/2021)

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