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Arai Tour-X 4 helmet. Adventure, grand touring or off road, no matter the riding conditions, the Tour-X4 is ready for [read more]
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Arai Tour-X 4 helmet. Adventure, grand touring or off road, no matter the riding conditions, the Tour-X4 is ready for anything. The Tour-X4 has a complete new outer shell. Redesigned to be tougher, stronger and stiffer than ever. As the Tour-X4 may be used under extreme conditions, the ventilation system has been redeveloped for maximum efficiency. The new Facial Contour System (FCS) offers more support and comfort to the lower jaw and creates a tighter fit. For an even better personal fit, there is a removable 5 mm surface foam layer on the cheek pads and temple pad from the headliner. Wear the Tour-X4 with or without peak, with or without visor and combinations of these two. The large visor opening offers plenty of room for motocross-style goggles when riding without visor. Available sizes: XS-XXL New outer shell Completely redesigned extremely stiff and strong Super Fiber Laminate outer shell, optimized for comfort and maximum ventilation performances. Versatile options Your choice: wear the Tour-X 4 with or without peak, with or without visor and combinations of these two. The large visor opening offers plenty of room for motocross-style goggles when riding without visor. Improved ventilation The ventilation system now uses completely new diffusers increasing the flow of warm and damp air out of the helmet. Fit and comfort To offer an even better snug fit and enhancing the comfort to the lower jaw, the Facial Contour System (FCS) works with a spring support in the cheek pad that compresses and rebounds. Innovative peak The Tour-X 4 peak forces cool air into the fore
- head vent port for cooling and also use multiple relief ports to reduce buffeting at high speeds. Removable foam layer 5 mm thick removable foam layer on the cheek pads and temple pads from the headliner. Offering more room if desired without the need to purchase optional cheek pads or headliner. Removable interior For the removable/washable interior, Arai’s exclusive Dry-Cool® lining material is used. The liner dries much faster than conventional textiles. Characteristic chin vent The new chin vent was designed with two purposes in mind: better performance and better looks. Emergency Release System Cheek pads can be removed in seconds by just pulling the pad tabs. This makes removal of the helmet much easier and minimises the risk of additional injury. Improved visor Improved visor with new aero
- dynamically designed visor levers and brow vents.

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Product Code AR3185WH
ID 238
Color White


My first and last AraiReview by
For a top of the line helmet I expected much more. Visor not glove friendly, impossible to open with one hand while riding. Although comfortable it was not weather friendly. Needed to ride with visor part open due to fogging during rain. Have been riding for forty years and have had many helmets better than this. Nolan, Shoei, and Schuberth to name several. (Posted on 29/12/2015)
Fits my head well, comfortable, durable.Review by
I have had an Arai since 2004. Fits well where the Shoei and Shuberth left a little wiggle room. The helmet ventilated well. The padding has lasted years. Not a lot of helmet noise at highway speeds. Love this helmet. (Posted on 19/05/2016)
Great helmet for the price with some minor flawsReview by
I have this helmet in hi-viz and for the most part I love it. I do find it a bit noisy if not wearing any hearing protection etc. Biggest complaint is the visor which likes to fog up even with all the vents open etc.... Buffering on the interstate if riding my enduro. Overall great helmet and seems to vent well in hot weather. I would purchase again. A (Posted on 15/07/2016)
Excellent Arai QualityReview by
As usual this is excellent Arai quality. Solidly made and comfortable to wear. You do get a slight increase in wind noise as apposed to the normal Arai helmets and if you suffer from a bad neck you might struggle with the amount of resistance the peak causes especially at higher speeds. In the summer, this is a great Helmet to wear as its well ventilated and the peak keeps the sun out of your eyes. Well recommended.. (Posted on 12/08/2016)
Pricey, but worth it if you have an Arai headReview by
This is a ridiculously well-crafted helmet, and the attention to detail that Arai has results in the most comfortable helmet I've had on my head yet. I'm lucky enough (my wallet thinks I'm unlucky) that my head fits the Arai intermediate shape to a tee, and frankly, no other helmets on the market (and I've tried many) can come close to the way it fits or with the quality of the padding and materials. This is not a helmet for everyone though - not everyone needs or wants the helmet peak, or the extra weight and enlarged chin compared to a standard street full face helmet. They do affect noise and how the helmet reacts in the wind, but I've ridden with this helmet and the previous generations for several years, and still would not choose any other helmet for the type of riding I do. The helmet peak comes in handy when riding in sunny and dusty conditions, the enlarged eye port is invaluable in all riding conditions, and the loads of ventilation are a godsend in hot weather. My only complaint is that at this price point Arai should have included the Pinlock visor and insert automatically, rather than making it a pricey aftermarket option. Many other manufacturers throw in Pinlocks, even for their entry- or mid-level models - surely Arai could do the same! (Posted on 06/09/2016)
An amazing adventure and all around helmetReview by
This helmet is so good, excellent venting, easy to take on/off the face shield for cleaning, applying defogging agent, and very easy on/off of the visor. The visor is so great for avoiding the glare when riding into the sunset, and can be easily taken off if you need to go fast or don't have enough windshield to protect your head at high speeds. This helmet is HIGHLY recommended!! (Posted on 20/02/2017)
Great qualityReview by
We have a matching pair of these Tour-X4 adventure helmets (M & S). They are super plush and comfortable for hours of riding. We love the peak to keep the sun out of eyes. Not particularly light so maybe Arai could work on that. I'd be happy to buy more. (Posted on 11/03/2017)
Great helmet Review by
Great helmet. Comfortable for all day wearing. Removable sun shield for high speed riding. Visor great for adventure riding sun blocking. Good ventilation, good field of vision, slight visor deformity from sharp curve of shield. (Posted on 29/04/2017)
An awesome helmetReview by
I recently purchased this helmet for adventure riding. Having tried several helmets, all price ranges and brands, I have to say that this Arai is the best! All the reviews I read and the comments from other riders are true- this is the ultimate helmet. The sizing is perfect for me (2XL) and the ventilation is amazing - I can't believe how much air comes in! This is the most comfortable helmet I've worn - ever! I highly recommend this helmet - it has not disappointed me at all! (Posted on 25/01/2018)
Best helmet for dual sport ridingReview by
This is by far my favorite helmet I have ever owned. I have taken this on a 20,000 mile, four month trip across the U.S. and it has withstood every situation. Perfect in all weather, the quality can’t be beat. (Posted on 22/04/2018)
Great HelmetReview by
This is a top quality helmet. The helmet is very comfortable, good ventilation system, has a great wide field of view. I would recommend this product for ADV and Off-Road riding. I bought it mainly for Off-Road riding. (Posted on 06/12/2018)
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