Helite Vented Airbag Jacket Black Grey

Mechanically activated airbag. The jacket model "Vented" is made with a mix of perforated fabrics to obtain the maximum possible ventilation. [read more]
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Mechanically activated airbag.

The jacket model "Vented" is made with a mix of perforated fabrics to obtain the maximum possible ventilation. It integrates a mechanically activated AIRBAG system with "Turtle" technology. It comes standard with traditional rigid protections on the shoulders, elbows and dorsal. The dorsal protection (SAS-Tec Cert. EN1621:2 Liv. 2) it is positioned outside the inner tubes in order to obtain a "Turtle – Turtle" effect when the airbag is activated. The standard equipment is completed by the anti-rain membrane independent of the jacket. The Airbag system can be disassembled from the jacket for washing and maintenance.

AIRBAG system with "Turtle" technology with CE certified mechanical activation
Areas protected by the airbag: chest, neck and cervical area, hips and the entire spine
Volume of inner tubes of about 18 liters
Full inflation time of the AIRBAG System: 10 hundredths of a second
Sas-TEC semi-rigid backbone protection certified EN1621-2:2003 – Liv. 2 (removable)
EN1621-1 certified Knox shoulder and elbow protectors (removable)
Outer fabric: mix of Cordura and perforated polyamide mesh with reinforcements on shoulders and elbows
Printed reflective bands to improve night visibility
Available in two versions: Black with Grey inserts or Black with FLUO inserts
Adjustments at the waist and on the arms
Multiple internal and external pockets
Waterproof and breathable anti-rain membrane independent of the jacket.

Additional Info

Product Code HEL-MO.TX.VTD-BK
ID 37297
Color Black


Great productReview by
This is honestly a fantastic motorcycle jacket. The amount of protection it offers is umatched for it's intended purpose. I've been riding with this jacket how about 3 months now and here are done things I've noticed about it. -It's a bit heavier than other jackets as expected for the system inside of it. - It's super breathable for summer riding and the mesh is really nice and the fabric doesn't scratch or get annoying. -With the liner it's manageable for cooler nights and helps keep the wind of your chest/body. And now for the biggest thing you're probably wondering with this jacket. . . is it worth the investment? Yes, every time. I've been in a previous accident before that sent me to the hospital and one of the major injuries was a popped lung (pneumothorax). This jacket would have prevented that entirely as the airbag would have taken the force that popped my lung and saved me a boat load of trouble this saving me literally thousands of dollars in hospital fee's/surgeries/medication. Hopefully I will not be needing to use this jacket in an actual accident but sadly today I dropped my bike as it died in the middle of a turn and I got to see it pop! (Which took a surprising amount of force) While I'm mostly just frustrated that my bike has to be fixed it's kinda nice to know the jacket really inflates instantly and has great coverage of my back and chest. It also didn't deflate until I removed the CO2 cartridge so that's kinda nice. Over all this jacket is well worth the investment and insurance as it will almost guaranteed help in an actually accident and I will definitely be buying a new one if/whenever this one needs replacement! (Posted on 29/09/2022)
Can't beat the airbagReview by
Summer airbag jacket? Yes please! Just watch the sizing. I've been interested in these airbag systems for a while. I was tempted by the knock-offs on amazon, but decided that with the integrated jacket and armor this was hard to beat. Hopefully it proves to be as good as I hope in the long run. (Posted on 21/03/2023)
The BestReview by
I have been researching for days and am ordering this now. It has everything that I want in a jacket for warm weather and a built in airbag as well. I will be using this on a Vespa scooter in a city and will feel much safer now. (Posted on 29/11/2023)
Great year round jacketReview by
I really love this jacket, I ride a sport naked and have used this jacket over the past year for every ride (13,000 miles). Vented for the summer, throw the included liner on when things cool down and when it gets cold I use a heated jacket liner. Just two things I would like to see in the next version. An external phone pocket upper chest level. Ditch the Velcro for a snap on the collar, the Velcro sometimes grabs my chin curtain when I bend my head down. (Posted on 02/12/2023)
Great jacketReview by
A very comfortable jacket. It fits nicely and has superb ventilation. Also, it can be used in wintertime with a base layer. This jacket has very good passive protection. So, with the airbag, it is a win-win. (Posted on 25/12/2023)
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