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Specific sliding wind-screen for Suzuki DL650 V-Strom L2 (11) , transparent, complete with fitting kit. Maximum height 56 cm (12
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Specific sliding wind-screen for Suzuki DL650 V-Strom L2 (11) , transparent, complete with fitting kit. Maximum height 56 cm (12 cm of extension) width 43 cm.

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Product Code AF3101
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This makes a huge difference in reducing WindBuffetting!Review by
I am riding Vstrom 2015. I was getting terrible windbuffetting while riding on high way. I could not hear my engine sound at all. Then after reading multiple reviews of this product from various sites and from vstrom forums I decided to give it a try. To my surprise it reduced wind buffetting drastically. Now I can ride with my modular helmet flip open in freeways without getting battered by wind. All the more important is I could hear engine sound clearly. Other Thing I love about this product is adjustable top portion. My only complaint is may be they could have got a little wider of the bottom piece which I suspect should have helped further. You will not be disappointed. Give it a try! (Posted on 17/01/2016)
Great wind protectionReview by
I have an AF3101 on my 2013 DL650 and it is a big improvement over the stock windscreen. Much less buffeting, and it works best when the adjustable piece is set to about 5.5" high. The air inlet between the screens works very well to push the air up over my helmet. Highly recommended and Motostorm has the best price! (Posted on 07/02/2016)
Should be original equipmentReview by
I bought this screen about 2 months ago and I must say this is the best money I spent on my 2012 DL650. Previously I could not hear the engine at speeds above 90 km/h, but now the wind noise is so much reduced that I can clearly hear the engine while riding on the highway. Also the service from and price from Motostorm was great. (Posted on 20/04/2016)
Great!Review by
I bought this wind screen after having lots of buffeting issues on my DL650. This eliminated at least 70% of my problems with adjusted to its lowest settings. This is a no-brainer add-on to this bike! (Posted on 19/05/2016)
Get one!!!Review by
I don't think you'll find a used one for this price, at least not in the states. I love it. What a difference a good windscreen makes. I tried all the settings and spacers on the stock screen and its not even close. My riding is allot more enjoyable with it. (Posted on 23/05/2016)
Excellent productReview by
This is by far the best investment I have put on my Vstrom. It transformed noisy and windy free way trip to a quiet pleasant journey. Kudos to motostorm for fast and well-packed international shipping to USA. (Posted on 01/09/2016)
Clean Stable AirReview by
I put this on my 2013 V-Strom 650 and makes for very clean air with little turbulence. This is a must have if you regularly like riding on the highway. It works great at the middle position on the bike. Don't bother adjusting your original up or down, get this. (Posted on 02/01/2017)
Great Windshield for all conditions!Review by
This windshield is great, almost eliminates wind noise and buffeting! It is amazing that this is so easily adjustable. If its hot, lower it down. If its cold or rainy raise it up. Motostorm Rocks! (Posted on 07/01/2017)
Big improvement compared to stock shieldReview by
I broke my stock shield on my '16 DL650 crashing into a ditch while riding off-road in the CA desert. I placed my order on Jan 31st and received it in the USA on Feb 9th. After the install I immediately took it on a test run at (and slightly above) freeway speeds. I tried various heights and was quite pleased at how easy and secure the adjustments are. I was able to create dead calm air in front of my chest and helmet. The air pocket is quiet and smooth. I'm confident this shield will make the long rides even more enjoyable. (Posted on 10/02/2017)
love the airflowReview by
it is a great product and definitely cuts down on buffeting and wind direction. i place it one inch from the bottom and i can ride with my visor open with out any issues.. great product , easily the best for the vstrom (Posted on 09/03/2017)
Works as advertisedReview by
Eliminated 90 percent of the buffeting on my 2012 DL650. It works as advertised, which doesn't seem to happen too often. Best money I spent on this bike by a long-shot. It's easy to adjust and has enough adjustment for me at 6'2" tall. (Posted on 27/03/2017)
Best windscreen for V-strom 650Review by
I had horrible buffeting on my 2014 V-Strom 650 when I moved to a tall seat. The Givi Af3101 solved the problem and has the added benefit of adjustability so you can get more airflow when the weather get warm. (Posted on 05/04/2017)
A screen far superior to the factory screen Review by
This screen far superior to the factory screen which gave terrible wind buffeting at highway speeds no matter what height it was fitted at. The Givi Airstream has fixed about 80% of the problem. Being able to adjust the height tool free in less than a minute will be great when to get more air flow in warmer weather. (Posted on 22/07/2017)
Great Improvement over OEReview by
Better wind protection but like the fact that it is fully and easily adjustable depending on how you are riding and weather conditions. Great look too. I'd recommended it particularly for long touring rides (Posted on 28/03/2019)
A tremendous improvementReview by
The screen solved the issue I was intending to find a solution for. We have to be aware that no wind means no motorcycle, therefore setting up the expectations of 100% elimination are not realistic. That being said, this windshield has really worked out for me, being tested numerous times while on highway and riding in range 130-160 km/h. The thing is to find a proper height of the moving part, but after few hundred kilometers on an open road you will be there... (Posted on 31/05/2019)
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